Down Comforters vs. Down Alternative, Know the Pros and Cons



If there is something confuses you when buying a down comforter, it will be the filling. First of all, you deal with the thickness of the filling that is rated with “fill power”. Generally, a down comforter has 525 to 700 fill power that determines the weight and warmth of it. That is the reason why, suppose you need extra warmth in your sleeping, it is better to choose the higher number of fill power. Besides the fill power, you also need to consider the type of the filling whether you prefer the down or the alternative ones. What are they by the way?

Down comforters have the down of duck or geese as the filling, they are soft and fluffy so no wonder many people love it. However, some other people has feather allergic and therefore down comforters are not suitable for them. In this case, down alternative is the best choice. For you, which one to choose?

Down comforters

The positive side of down-filled comforters is the natural warmth that cannot be duplicated with synthetic materials. It is also a lot lighter in weight than a down-alternative variety with a similar thickness, which is helpful if you prefer lightweight bedding. In the other hand, down comforters have some drawbacks too, for example many of them are not designed for machine washing. And as you know, this comforter is more expensive than the other type while the feather may trigger allergy or asthma attacks in those sensitive to the type of filling or dust mites within it.

Down alternative

Compared to down-filled comforters, down-alternative is superior in some ways: it is designed to emulate actual down in fluffiness and warmth while is safer for sufferers of asthma or allergies. Many of these comforters are also washable thus it is easier for you to clean them. Talking about price, down alternative varieties are less expensive, they save you money. Unfortunately, the artificial fluffiness makes down alternative heavier than the down-filled ones. Besides, as they are not breathable, you will be sweaty under the comforter. Be careful when washing it, some varieties of down alternative may shrink and the fabric does not hold up well.